order book

order book
1. a printed copy of the order of the day
Syn: ↑order paper
Hypernyms: ↑order of the day
2. a book in which customers' orders are entered; usually makes multiple copies of the order
Hypernyms: ↑book, ↑volume

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1. : a book in which orders from customers are entered : a specially printed book for making multiple copies of orders including one for the customer
2. often capitalized O&B : a calendar of future business of a session of the English House of Commons or other legislative body of the British Commonwealth — called also order paper

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order book noun
1. A book for entering the orders of customers, the special orders of a commanding officer, or the motions to be put to the House of Commons
2. The amount of orders received and awaiting completion
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Main Entry:order

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order book UK US noun [countable] [singular order book plural order books] business
the total work that a company has agreed to do in the future, which shows how safe its workers’ jobs are

We only have another six months’ work on our order books.

Thesaurus: general words relating to jobs and workhypernym types of job or workhyponym

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noun, pl ⋯ books [count]
: a book that shows the number of orders that a company has received from its customers
— often used figuratively

The company is starting the year with a full order book. [=it has many orders for its products]

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ˈorder book [order book order books] noun
a record kept by a business of the products it has agreed to supply to its customers, often used to show how well the business is doing

We have a full order book for the coming year.

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